Oleificio Casale

When the little ones take giant steps

Two brothers, Michele and Diego Ingianni and their wives Angela and Elena, take care of the company  family with a care from parents. In the heart of their oil mill, in Trinitapoli, they have matured and put in place one productive revolution. They, extra virgin olive oil, do not  from olives, they extract it from olives, keeping the properties intact organoleptic and vitamins of the product and without waste of water and energy. Their is a product requested in Italy and abroad, along with taralli and canned a Oleificio Casale brand. The company was founded in 1992, in a local, was a press crusher  traditional. The millstone remained from that period, as I remember. Today the activity has developed and even the work spaces have grown, this allowed to approach the original oil production with presses, the one with continuous extraction. In 2004, they started buying olives from local producers , and in 2013, they completed the last transformation, investing for the definitive disposal of the old press plant  and inaugurating a latest generation continuous extraction system.